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Default Help with Halloween Horror 4-PM

Hello: My friends

I need help with the Hallween Horror-4 PM Arachnaphobia by Spider Pumpkin, I am at a loss with the candle count. How do I retrieve the last candle to complete the section and get 100%. I do have 100% distruction, though i have 97% for that world and a Hollow X for completion. Am i missing a secret level, or just the candle which i can't get to, because it doesn't exist? Does anyone have a patch kit or remedy for it? I tried the editor, it didn't work. Please help me. P.S. This is a wonderful game relaxing yet, addictive for me, i just love it!! When are the next add on's coming to our viewing, i do hope soon.

Thank you,

Lost in this game, somewhere
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