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Default What websites do you visit?

Okay, not counting Hamumu which of course you spend hours and hours obsessed with every day (RIGHT!?), what websites do you visit often? I'm especially interested in where else you go to see about games (whether it's other indie games, or big time ones, or board games, or hopscotch, or whatever). It could give us some ideas of what our customers like to do, for advertising ideas. So how about it?

I always read a bunch of different blogs, and Blue's News, DiabloII.Net (not much these days), Ain't It Cool News (don't know why actually), a bunch of political sites, and a very beloved one which has made me waste a lot of money: (sorry, had to edit the name). I also often shop at Amazon, get ALL my movies from Netflix, and trade stocks online when I feel like throwing my money away. Lastly, I visit various other indies' sites (which you can find tons of on our Links page) to see what they're up to from time to time and try out their games.

What about you?
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