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Default The dangers of shopping...

So I finally managed to get my sister playing this game and she's coming along pretty well. After many hard hours of monster-bashing she finally defeated Matilda in Spooky Forest and went for a shopping break to spend her 450-some coins. Unfortunately, the shop is programmed so that the default button is No if you can't afford something, and Yes if you can. After a while of looking at things she couldn't afford, and thus deducing (incorrectly) that the default action was always "No", she looked at the Record Book by accident (which she could afford) and quickly pressed the fire button to dismiss the dialog without realizing that the default option had mysteriously changed to Yes! Now she has spent almost an entire world's worth of coins (over 5 hours of playtime for her) on something she didn't intend to buy, and she's probably going to be too discouraged to play the game for a while until I convince her again.

IMO, the default option should always be No; it might annoy some people, but it would prevent "shopping accidents" like this one from happening. Not that it's going to happen unless a bunch of other patch-worthy problems crop up.
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