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Originally Posted by Hammered
Level name for Spamumu, perhaps?
Oh, and anyways, I got myself a floppy and downloaded all the new Supreme add-ons EXCEPT, unfortunately, Obscurity Clearance, which wouldn't fit. I oughta get me a bigger disc. Or, in some cases, thanks to the delightful conundrum of modern technology, a disc that's actually SMALLER, but can hold more stuff anyway. Oh and I beat all the new add-ons in practically a day also, I mean I was playing on Normal, but most worlds these days are too hard to beat otherwise. Methinks that when I release my next couple of worlds, I shall place a signpost prominently within the hub informing fellow gamers that the world was designed, tested, etc, on Hard difficuly, and should be played of Hard for maximum enjoyment. Except for my wicked Keychain Challenge segments which I invented this second where you need to be on Lunatic difficuly to get in... My what a long and rambling speech this has become. I think I shall go mess with my signature now. Prolifically utilizing convoluted phrases is undoubtedly incredibly exhauting in the cerebral regions.
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