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Originally Posted by blackmyth
I ended up on the floor! I guess you shouldn't leave stuff in the way!
Yeah...if only any of you could see my computer room....You'd really see a mess...too many gadgets, wires, cables, and computer parts around.
Lady Ducky threatens to toss things out while I'm not looking.

Hey, I have a path from the door to the computer, so it is not a fire hazard. (Closes eyes) I dont see no mess here at all!
(Walks foward) Whoops! (Crash, bang, tinkle).

Ok, mebbe I do need to organize a bit...BUT NOT BEFORE I HAVE CLEARED OUT 5 WORLDS OF SURPREME AT LEAST!!!! I have waited too long and had too many things get in the way of my game time. This is DUCKY'S time NOW!!!

-Ducky (Dusting off his hammer)

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