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Default Time off....

Dear....everyone....words right now are hard to come by....I wish I didnt have to say anything at all...but....

Today, I have hit a low point in my life. A temporary one, I assure you...not like the one 6 years ago, which I am not sure anyone knows about, but can guess at it....well, this duck has to take some time for himself, and think about what to do next in his life...I didnt break any laws and I am not wanted by anyone in authority. Mouse is ok. Our health is ok and we are still together (forever!). But something has been going on for a year now and it has come to a head today. Another issue has been going on for a year too...and that too has come to a head.
So, I need some time off from....everything (except work and Mouse).

This may last for a week or two....or it may be only a day for my head to I dont know how long this..."low" will last...
But I WILL be back. I swear this on the Sacred Holy Hammer of Bouapha. Just need to think for a bit without any fun things.
It is time to concentrate and be serious for awhile...

I am sorry if this bothers anyone, and I know I'll be missed, but I promise to come back as soon as this situation is under control.

Until then, a sad, tearfull parting for a short while....

-Ducky (Feeling like someone pulled all his feathers out...again)

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