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Default MM4: Comment, No Guesses, promise

I'm Enjoying thiis world, I've pretty much Done the levels, but will have to Solve them Later. Well done everyone!!

Ok two things, Firstly, Whoever Put me in the game, (Body in the Lab.) Thanks, That actually made my night, I know sad. :P I know you can't say why yet but I am curious as to how I got this honour.

Second, more important:
A Small mystery: I can get the keyto get the keychain, and I got all the Brains But:
1. I cant get out
2. Yerfdog doesn't speak, Tho I realise that could be deilberate.

Can anyone help?

Again, well done to everyone, This Is Deffinatley an interesting twist on the game.

Det. PZ Holmes

as u know live 8 is being performed all over the world Put a 3 at the begining of ur name to show respect for the children who die every 3 seconds send this message to every 1
All mine:
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