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Default Why Supreme rules

I learned something recently. I think I have it figured out why Dr. L is so long-lasting.
It's not the mere fact that it has years of gameplay. It's the way that that amount increases.
Specifically, that the level editor is so awesome and complex that ANYTHING is possible, within certain large limits that will most likely never be a problem.
I am currently making an incredibly complex world, and I have to say, I have found out NOTHING so far that I wanted to do that I could not. It's not "Can I do it?" but "How?" That is why Supreme with Cheese is one of my favoritest games ever.

Also, making worlds is not just possible, but really fun. There's nothing awesomer than making some terribly hard and intricate feature in a world, testing it, then finding that IT WORKS! WOOHOO!
The only thing I can think of that is awesomer is making some feature in a game and finding that it works, so I envy Jamul for getting to feel that ALL the time. :wink:
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