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Yerfdog Prize Point Prize Pile (deceased)


As the new website gets up to speed, these things will become available in various ways. If you have prize points, hang on to them for now, and you will get to spend them later. None of these items may be purchased for now!

(note: this idea has been blatantly stolen from the folks at who incidentally make a very cool game you could check out)

Almost any contest you can win here at Hamumu will get you the same prize - Prize Points! When you win them, you can save them up if you wish, or spend them when you wish. What you can spend them on will be listed here in this thread, and as things get won, they'll be marked off. New stuff will arrive to replace them periodically as new stuff is thunk up. If you don't know how many Prize Points you have, you can send me a private message or email to ask.

I'll try to keep this first post edited to contain a short-form list of what is available and what it costs. See lower posts down for the details of the items. All prizes are non-transferable (you can't win a Forum Title for someone else!).

Official Hamumu Items:
(20) Custom Forum Title (Subject to moderator approval)
(30) Pumpkin Keychain
(30) Ability to Upload a Forum Avatar of your own design (Subject to moderator approval)
(150) Custom Forum Avatar created by Hamumu
(300) Pumpkin Pop (Download version, Mac or PC)
(400) Stockboy (Download version)
(450) CD version of Kid Mystic, Loonyland, or Supreme (PC versions only)
(500) Beta Tester Slot (includes free game when released)

Unofficial Non-Hamumu Items:
(1) Random URL via PM from Blackmyth
(1) Random quote from Mr. Onion
(1) Cool quote from Grim3vil
(2) Random quote via PM from Blackmyth
(5) Custom-made Bouncy by Emperor Master
(5) Random webcomic by Mr. Dumb
(10) An unreleased world by Evil Eye
(10) Random monster or level idea from Mr. Onion
(10) Death will make a level for your Supreme world
(25) Full Version of Pizza's Pumpkin Game
(30) Dr. Lunatic Cartoon Beta Tester (Ducklegion's cartoon, not Hamumu's!)
(30) Funny quote every week for a year from Evil Eye
(35) Custom Signature Image by Dave Hettel
(40) Merge 2 mini-games into Redbone's SWC world "The Brain Minigames"
(50) Appearance in "Boss World", by Varkarrus
(75) Beta test Redbone's SWC world, Evil Force RPG
(90) Redbone will edit and decorate an empty SWC world
(100) Mad Scientist Monster Pack for SWC by Death
(100) Free Web Design by Dave Hettel
(100) Cameo Appearance in book "Bouapha's Brain Quest" by Evil Eye
(125) Beta test one of julianmh102's games
(150) One of Death's unreleased SWC worlds
(175) Custom Sig by Justin
(200) Little Plastic Ninja from Blackmyth
(200) Microzoid Finger Puppet (lovingly hand stitched by Puffazoid)
(200) Be a special editor of book "Bouapha's Brain Quest" by Evil Eye

I encourage anyone who wants to offer a prize of their own to put it in this thread as well (but no other posts in this thread allowed, ever!). Maybe you can offer your services in some way, or you have a physical prize you'd like to mail on to a winner! Set however many prize points you want it to cost, and enjoy. Don't make up ridiculous ones though (like a car for 2billion Prize Points), only real offers are allowed. And of course, don't offer things from someone else! If it's not yours to give, don't offer it. Also, don't offer things specific to your other forum - offer those on your forum, if you want! And lastly, prize points spent on prizes vanish into thin air, they don't go to you. So offer things for the fun of giving, not for greed!

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