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Default HALLOWEEN HORROR 7: Vote on names!

Okay, it's time! Here's how voting works:

1. Anybody may vote (once!).
2. You have until Oct 1st to get your votes in.
3. Vote for your 5 favorite names (no particular order). You can vote for less than 5.
4. If you submitted any names, you may only place 1 (ONE) vote for one of your names. Your other 4 votes must be for other peoples' names. If you do vote for one of your own, you can't vote for less than 5 names. You must vote for 4 others!
5. You win 10 Prize Points for each of your names that end up voted in!
6. You are only eligible for prize points if you vote.
7. Send your votes by email to, with the subject "HH7 VOTE". List your 5 choices, and say what your forum name is!
8. You are voting for the names *exactly* as written, so if you don't like a misspelling or capitalization thing, don't vote for that name!

And the choices are....

A Bad Halloween Party
A Brain in Maine
A Hairy Halloween
A halloween story
A Ninjabread Nightmare
Bad to the Bone
Bats, Bones, and Evil Clones
Beyond the Gravy
Bobbing for Boomkins
Bonfire Bats
Bride of Pumpkinstein
Cereal Killer
Chaos in Candyland
Corpse Corp
Costume Choas
Crash Test Mummies
Curse of the Centipumpkin
Curse of the Countess
Dark Dreams
Day of the Dentist
Don't Beat a Dead Horsepower
Dread of Undead
East Amazon Virus
Equatorials of Insanity
Flume of DooM
Forest Fire
Fred Fredburger costume
Fright Night
Frights on a plane
Ghost Town
Halloween gone wrong
Halloween Havoc
Halloween Religion Controversy
Halloween Re-Vamp
I, Pumpkin
IT: The Inexorable Terror
I've Got Alypse Pox!
London bridge is FALLing down
Mad Monster Monsoon
Mary Mary Very Scary
Miniature Mayhem
Mosscarade Ball
Mumble Jumble
Night of the Living Dumb
Pirates of the North Atlantic
Pumpkin Gone LOST
Pumpkin Pop
Pumpkin Popping
Pumpkins on a Plane
Punkin Pop
Pygmy Poltergeists
Pygmy the Eighth
Snakes on a Plain
Snakes on a Train
Something completely different
Son of a KONG
Spispopd: Return of pumpkins
SPISPOPD: The Revenge
Spooks in mexico
Squeaking Doors and Floors
Stalk of the Celery
Star Run
Swamp Gasp Cavern
The Amazing Spiderman
The Ascent
The Birds
The Crime Machine
The Crypt Keeper
The Dark Side of the Sun
The EctoPlaza
The End of the Loonyverse
The Fudge 2
The Graveyard Shift
The Halloween Caspers
The Little Shop of Hamsters
The Monster Mush
The Night of The Noobs
The Price is Fright
The Pumpkin in Black
The Purple Pumpkin Eater
The S Files
The Walking Zombie
Tomb of the Shroom
Transylvania Trance
Trick or 1337
Twilight Zoned
Undead Rising
UnderWorld: Theme Park Of Fun!
Vamp Ire
Very Scary Cemetery
War of the Weirds
Watch Your Back Steakhouse
Welcome to My Mumble Home
Witches Brew
Yerfdog of the Baskervilles

(Note: the names submitted by two people aren't in this list, because they didn't follow the rules!)

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