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Default Hamumu Forum MMORPG

This is not like most Forum RPGs. That is why I called it a Forum MMORPG. In this game, anybody who wishs may join, and the game spans nearly all areas of the forum (and perhaps even some other areas of the site).

Basically, you have a variety of stats that level up though either: a) though in game events, such as battles, or b) by completing certain tasks on the forum/site. These skills then allow you to battle with other players. For example, if you want to increase your firearms/ranged weapon skill, you could join and actively participate in a mafia game, which would earn you a fair amount of firearms/ranged experience.

Battles are another way to increase your skill experience. Whenever you deal damage with a certain type of weapon in a battle, the respective skill gains experince. Winning a battle results in a bonus to combat skills also.

All of your combat skills are used to calculate your combat level. This level determines experience rewards gained from combat, and can earn you other rewards also. Combat level increases by 1 every time you gain 10 levels in any combination of skills.

A list of skills and ways to level them up:

If you want to join, please post in this thread or PM me. You need to choose to be a Fighter (Boost to Melee and Defence)), Mage (Boost to Arcane and Defensive Magic), or Ranger (Boost to Ranged and Speed).

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