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Default Re: "Dave Hettel" and other classic Hamumuians

Epic members? Ah, yes... There's this guy called SpiderPumpkin. Most awesome person I've ever met. I mean, seriously, he's just incredible in every resp- oh, users who don't post here anymore you say? Eh...

There was The Emperor Master, a.k.a. TEM. He was the master of emperors! The Bouncy King! He made lots of animated gifs of bouncing spherical thingamabobs with eyes and arms called Bouncies. He had a website with hundreds of them, with some mummy-based ones dancing to a Midi of Walk Like an Egyptian. He contributed lots of monster ideas for Supreme with Cheese before its release, like Blobs and Bouncies and some boss guy called The Emperor. None of his ideas made it in I think (probably because most of his monsters were way overpowered), but they were fun to read. When the forums switched to phpBB, he was the only member who got to keep his old avatar (a king Bouncy) as a reward for his loyalty to Hamumu. He somewhat-recently temporarily returned, but almost immediately disappeared again.

Mr.Zee was pretty awesome. He created the original SPAMMAPS thread, just for fun, probably involuntarily triggering the Spam Wars in the end. He was pretty awesome. Did I say that already? Meh. He spammed a lot, but his spam was fun. He stayed here for some time after the Post Apocalypse, but eventually disappeared. He was the original Spaghetti Boneless, before Nebro-Gubular Spisboy. Until he turned into a rocket.

Uh... I would write about more members, but I can't really think of much to write about most of them.

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