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Default Re: Text Adventure Mafia

Late at night, as Gandhi stumbled out of the bar, wondering where he was, he was suddenly attacked by three misty figures! They tied him up and stuffed him in a trunk. Gandhi tried calling out to his animal friends, but it appeared they would be of no help. The misty figures put a brick on the drive pedal, and started the ignition. The car drove itself off of a cliff. The sound of Coolguys complaining(The rope he was bound in was pure cowhide, after all) echoed throught the night.


Gandhi: You are a TOWNIE. You enjoy planting trees and talking to your animal friends. Each night, PM me something to do. That ''Something'' can be either

PLANT TREE(Once every other night)
SUMMON BEAR(Give me a target)
SUMMON PLATYPUS(Give me a target)

You win when all the mafia are gone.
(He was an inventor, basically. Plant tree would have protected him, Summon Bear would have killed, and Summon Platypus would have had the target laughing so hard they wouldnt have been able to post the next day.)

The Djinni was sitting in his bottle, practicing the sacred art of Wish-Granting, he heard a roar outside. He left his bottle and saw that he was confronted with a BEAR! The Djinni tried to scare it away, by waving its arms around, attempting to do magic, but alas, the bear simply advanced further. Sparing the details, DIGINOVA WAS BEAR'D! he was THE DJINNI.

Djinn: You are a DJINN, a townie. Despite your magical name, you really cant do anything. You win when all the mafia are dead.

Chaucer was sitting in his rocking chair, reading some shakespear, when he noticed a shadow sitting in the corner of the room. "Reveal yourself!" yelled Chaucer. The shadow replied by yelling "LEEEERRRROOOOOOOYYYYYYYYYYYYY..... JENNNNKKKKIIIINNNNSSSSSSSSSSSS!"

CHAUCER WAS STUNNED! He cannot post today!

The Mayor awoke with a start, and went outside to do his morning jog, when he noticed most of the town were outside his house, yelling at him. He went outside to find out what was wrong. When everyone told him about the two deaths(And the stunning) the mayor declared a state of emergency.

Mayor: I hereby declare that nobody is allowed to leave their house at night, for their own safety. We at Bergsville have no FBI, so please, if any of you should come across evidence, share it! At the end of the day, bring me the one who has the most evidence on them, and we shall deal with them appropriatly!

The mayor hurried back inside his house, leaving the townies to discuss what had happened.
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