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Default January 12th Journal Entry

Please excuse the following large text, it is meant to get a point across:
Jamul ideasteals!
Ok, now that that's done with for now, I shall return to it later, I will get started. First, your wife wanting you to play video games. Something nobody should ever expect to happen, if you follow the stereotypes of people. In general though, it seems that your loved one cares about you enough to want you to not play them. Second, blowing things up (or destroying them in general) is an awesome idea that should be in every game ever.

And now back the the ideasteal. It's not bad, people. It, in general, leads to better games/movies/books. And when you look far enough back, EVERYTHING is an ideasteal. But since some people still may be annoyed at their ideas being used because other people find them giid, just read the entire second half of this entry! Jamul uses idea he finds in other game to make his games more entertaining! Should the developers of Ratchet and Clank be angry at him? I think not. Even if I was a big developer, I'd still feel proud knowing that other game devs find my ideas good and use them. So take ideastealing as a good thing, not a bad thing.
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