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Default Re: What do You Like In Supreme With Cheese Worlds

How much % do you like the following things in custom made worlds?
- as many as the builder wants to make, but not in the dark
Long Levels
- depends on the reason, if they are well thought out and varied, great, if it's just the same thing over and over, no thanks
Easy Levels

- no thanks - boring
Puzzle Levels

- love them - all types
Strange Levels

- if by this you mean something different, that's great, who wants to play the same old stuff over and over?
Sickeningly hard levels

- I like a level that takes about 3-4 tries to beat, especially if I have to figure out the subtle trick it takes to beat it
Levels with alternate characters, ai's, changed life etc.

- If there is a reason great, but changing just to change is pointless.

What amount of word documents do you like to see? (a.k.a. yerfdogs, computer things, etc)
- Don't Care

Do You Enjoy LEVELS with lots of monsters
- Depends on the point of the monsters, not on the quantity or difficulty
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