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Default Re: What do You Like In Supreme With Cheese Worlds

*Tries not to sound like Hammered and Coolguy*

I'm not a great fan of enormous, hour-long mazes, but short-ish ones, or ones where you have to swap areas of the maze, or any interesting 'twist' can be fun.
-Long Levels
It depends on what's in the level. If it's an empty level with 3 million monsters in, no. If there's a storyline, or some reason for it to be long, fine. Just don't have many insta-deaths.
-Easy Levels
I like levels to be a bit challenging, and require some amount of skill.
-Puzzle Levels
YES YES YES! If you can think of original puzzle ideas, so much the better!
-Strange Levels
Again, if this means levels that are interesting and different, great! I love them!
-Sick-ningly hard levels
No. No no no. Though it depends on your definition of 'sickeningly hard'. If it's a short level like Coolguy's recent 'Balloonacy' in Scary Skies, where there's a small challenge, good. If the level takes ages, and is consistently hard, no.
- Levels with alternate characters/ai's/changed life/ECT
If it's part of the storyline, or there's some other good reason for them, fine. However, if there's no real need for it, no.

What amount of word documents do you like to see? (a.k.a. yerfdogs, computer things, ect)

- Dont Care. It makes little difference, though I suppose it can add to the story, etc.

Do You Enjoy LEVELS with lots of monsters

What, you mean enormous hammer-fests? They can be relaxing, or if done like Derelict, be very interesting. But generally keep it to one or two levels in a world, depending on the world's size.
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