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Default Re: What do You Like In Supreme With Cheese Worlds

How much % do you like the following things in custom made worlds?
- there good aslong as there not in the dark
Long Levels
- ya i like long ones
Easy Levels
- ya but not to easy.
Puzzle Levels
- No usally to hard.
Strange Levels
- sometimes but not all the time
Sickeningly hard levels
- No thanks, i don't like them
Levels with alternate characters, ai's, changed life etc.
- There ok but not the best

What amount of word documents do you like to see? (a.k.a. yerfdogs, computer things, etc)
- Its ok once in awhile but not to much

Do You Enjoy LEVELS with lots of monsters
- I love them!

P.S. HEY RYAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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