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Default Re: Happyponygate Boss Contest!

A gigantic pony, probably a robot one. Every so often, its sides open up and with a cry of ''THIS IS SPARTA!'', a bunch of monsters jump out.

Ham-Ster Runner
A huge hamster, probably with a bunch of cyborg parts to make it more boss-like. It spits sunflower seeds at the player, which sprout into flowery minions.

Leo the Leopleurozoid
Bouapha, walking next to a river of some sort, notices a zoid swimming. Bouapha shoots at it. Suddenly, there's a huge splash, and out of the water rises the horrifying Leo the Leopleurozoid! It has a bunch of zoid-heads on its head (like how Medusa has snakes for hair) and a zoid-type body. It could be a rare encounter when Bouapha shoots at watery enemies that are far enough from shore for Leo to have room when he rises from the depths. Leo would just remain stationary and fire candies at Bouapha. Deadly ones.

Lord of the Guys
The master of all Gumdrop Guys. He's probably just a big gumdrop guy that summons lots of minions.

EXTREMELY LATE EDIT: This could also be called ''Guyablo''.

Lactose Intollerant Mecha-Kitty
This game has cat enemies, apparently, so they need a leader. And who better than the old mecha-kitty avatar?
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