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Default Re: Honor Among Thieves Mafia

I'm going to end the game now. The mafia (texasjoshua, SpaceManiac, and Megadog) have won.

I would have liked to end the last day sooner, but then I would have had to decide between lynching the one with the most votes or going with no lynch, and I could see my decision dramatically changing the game. I don't generally like it when the host affects the results.

texasjoshua - Godfather (role not revealed on death)
SpaceManiac - Mafia goon
Megadog - Mafia roleblocker
hyperme - Bullet-resistant (had to be killed twice, role not revealed on death)
Julian - Doctor
sonicchaos1993 - Vigilante
darkguyhades II - Cop
Gigacat - Kidnappee
seamonkey, RandomCommander, Pewskeepski, darkguyhades I - Vanilla townies
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