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Default Re: So, what are your hopes for Hamumu games over the next few years?

I should probbably be tarred and feathered for this, but...

I really enjoy the more arcade-y Hamumu games.
Things like the Boys for life games,Costume Party, Habitat for Horror, and this 2004 version of Sol Hunt were (or looked like) a lot of fun for me, and from a practical stand point, probably didn't require the kind of soul reaching effort as the big games. And I never have "too much time" for twin stick stuff and platformers!

I mean I really like Dr. Lunatic and Loonyland, but I also kind of feel like they are enough to satisfy my itch for that kind of top-down adventure forever. Granted I've probbably played under 40% of the Supreme worlds and haven't touched much add-on stuff.

Also I had some problems with some of the later Best Sellers-

To be honest, I'm kind of anti-RPG. Like with Kid Mystic I loved the puzzle stuff and the challenge mode, but I had problems with geting extra levels to handle the insane mode (and then it just turning into the same game once you were on level). And again with Loonyland 2, I don't really like it as much as Loonyland 1, because I find some of the more RPG and simmish things like stamina and equipment to be at odds with the level design and combat controls.

Although I'm kind of in a catch 22, because even though I don't like RPG game elements, I actually love text and story- Reading the gallery descriptions and the pseudo-behind the scenes part of some of the monster scanner, and all of loonyland 2's script and especially the commentary, were my favorite part of how the game built it's personality. The music, "kool cat bad", and the monsters were pretty great too, but even small red text like "Ick veggies" or the "scene" where you progressively drop a key over and over again in that one level of Cavernous keys: it just puts a smile on my face every time. Obviously, smaller games don't get to play around as much with text, maybe items or classes have funny descriptions, but I have to admit that if there's one thing(above the others) that I miss that came with the "scale" of the big games, this would be it.

I wouldn't be against another Hamumu adventure, but I don't want to pin it down as the only future that I can see for this place.
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