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Default Re: Honor Among Thieves Mafia

Unlike everyone else, Darkguyhades and Julian didn't give their names - they just claimed as a cop and a doctor - which is a little suspicious to me. And looking at the list of people Darkguyhades inspected make me question his statement even more.
Originally Posted by Darkguyhades
N2: RandomCommander: Town, Dead
Either it's just unfortunate that you chose him that night, or your mafia playing it safe.
Originally Posted by Darkguyhades
N3: TexasJoshua: Couldn't find
Same situation as above.
Originally Posted by Darkguyhades
N4: Roleblocked
Whether or not your really are the cop, we can guess this is true as Megadog says he did block you.

Since we've already established that lynching someone today will be best if we can get a mafia, and since I think Darkguyhades is more suspicious than Megadog, I will, for now at least, Vote: Darkguyhades.
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