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Default Re: Honor Among Thieves Mafia

You awake to find Gigacat dead
Originally Posted by CheeseLord
You are the Old Man. You lived a fairly normal life, right up to the point when you started giving adventurers sage advice in taverns. Since then, every stranger passing through town has decided it would be more convenient to just kidnap you and take you along for the ride. As such, you overhear a lot of conversations. Each night, choose another player to kidnap you, and over the course of the next day you will receive a message from that player. You win when the mafia are eliminated.
Still Alive:

darkguyhades 1 (Vanilla townie/Night 1)
hyperme (???/Night 2)
RandomCommander (Vanilla townie/Night 2)
sonicchaos1993 (Vigilante/Night 3)
texasjoshua (???/Night 3)
SpaceManiac (Mafia goon/Day 3)
hyperme (???/Night 4)
darkguyhades (Cop/Day 4)
Gigacat (Kidnappee/Night 5)

It is now DAY!
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