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Welcome to META MAFIA, standard mafia rules all apply with one exception. There is a posting rule. When posting things during the daytime, with the exception of Vote:XXX or Unvote:XXX, Everything must be a quote from a previous game of mafia. You cannot edit the quote, the quote must be all there. Any votes or unvotes in the quote will be disregarded. The only words you can have in your mafia post is in the form of a quote from a previous game.

In addition because this is meta mafia, I have CHOSEN the roles of everyone involved. So feel free to meta all the things.

It is now Night 1, because daytime is for quoting things. It will be day in 48 hours.

1) Seamonkey
2) Gigacat
3) N64 Lord
4) Megadog
5) Spacemaniac
6) .Blue Dwarf.
&) Hyperme
8 Pewskeepski

4 votes are required for lynch.
We are GWF. You will be assmilated. Your post making distinctiveness will be added to our own. You threads will be adapted to serve us. Resistance is Futile.
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