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Originally Posted by SpiderPumpkin View Post
People would probably abuse a rating system like that and give worlds by people they don't like low ratings -o_-o
What I'd appreciate more would be some sort of commenting system on add-on worlds, like Journal comments; a system like that would probably encourage more people to actually write (short) world review and state their opinion about worlds (all of which can already be done in the forum, but very few people are doing it -o_-o).
Or at least some sort of world description or a screenshot or whatever would be good, so people will at least know approximately what they're downloading. The fact that all that is displayed about an add-on world is its name has always annoyed me somewhat, as you can rarely tell what to expect before downloading stuff this way, and especially for modem users, downloading add-on worlds that afterwards turn out to not at all be what the user was expecting and weren't worth the download can be annoying.
Yeah, that's good, too. But maybe people would just post, some smilies which won't really give you some Hints about that world. But I hope that people won't SPAM in Comments.

Jamul if you read this (what you surely do), keep this idea in your head, because it isn't impossible or as bad as many other ideas in this Thread.
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