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Default Re: Happyponygate Boss Contest!

A tip: You know how in some games you think "well, they just wedged that in and gave it a silly name, it's really just <standard video game concept #3>"? Like when you are supposedly throwing pudding on something, but all it does is go "Enemy is suffering Immobile Status!"

Well, that's exactly how this game is! Don't make monsters try to hug the player, or be loving towards him. They are using sweet/cute/choco/snuggle as weapons. They are hammering you with these things just like in other games, they just happen to have silly names and look funny. A hug attack is actually fine, but don't get hung up on trying to make things that are actually loving, or sweet, or whatever. Just your standard bullets, missiles, punches, kicks. They're simply delivered with a smile. And they look funny.
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