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Default Re: Happyponygate Boss Contest!

Originally Posted by SpiderPumpkin View Post
(Don't know why I even take the time to enter these anymore since my chances of winning are below zero anyway, but here goes...)

Charlie the Chocolate Factory

This terrifying clown-faced mechanical behemoth of metal and chocolate produces Chocolate Moose, which exit through its mouth (the teeth open up, leaving a space for the Chocolate Moose to exit). The pipes at its sides, which may look as if they were attached to the ground, can in actuality be turned into any direction and used to fire sticky chocolate blobs at the player, which split into multiple tiny blobs when they hit something. But its most direful attack is caused by the upside-down funnel thingy on its head: In certain intervals, Charlie will catapult block of chocolate from the hole on top of it, which will come down on the player as a devastating Chocolate Rain (I move away from the mic to breathe in). The Chocolate Factory can only be harmed when its mouth is open; any attacks against its teeth will be reflected. The pipes can be destroyed seperately.
(Also, of course, all of the Factory's attacks cause Choco damage :P)
.....I now give up all chances of getting any of my names in now.
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