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Default Re: Happyponygate Boss Contest!

Smiler - Just a giant, generic smiley face! He's yellow, he has two black
dots for eyes, and he has a curved line for a smile (which may open up
once in a while). As for attacks, he may jump up and down and
create a visible shockwave that can harm Bouapha if it gets in his
way. He may also shoot Peeps (to continue with the yellow theme)
from his mouth.

Alternative attack: Smiler may attack by "soaking up" or charging
up with large amounts of energy in the air and then zapping Bouapha
with the resulting electricity/lasers that Smiler extrudes. Bouapha will
have to hit Smiler at least once every 5 or so seconds to keep Smiler
from gaining enough energy to produce this attack.

(BTW, the name Smiler is from the classic Britcom "Last of the Summer Wine".)

Cupid - Yup, that "Love" cherub with the bow-and-arrow. He might be chubby, small, and have a white wig, as he normally looks.
Hey, a Stick Cupid sounds pretty good! Wait, wouldn't that be a Stupid?!

Anyways, possible angles to make him more interesting: Cupid might have a sack of chocolate arrows (because chocolate
and Valentines just go together so well) and he shoots THOSE at Bouapha, rather than, well, regular arrows. Hmmm...
Maybe he has shruikens in the shape of hearts.

Valen Tines - Something to do with a love and a fork, but I'm not sure what...
(I just read the sig, what a throwback)

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