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Default Re: New to Hamumu? Introduce yourself!

Pfft ... might as well do a formal introduction of myself here...

My screen name is Androgeos Exeunt. Just call me AE or Androgeos if it's too time-consuming to type out my full name. Other screen names that I have used in the past are Helios Exeunt (on YouTube and and Altiris (on Windows Live and PlanetDescent). I also use an alternate screen name, which I have no intention of revealing.

Official documents state that I am a Singaporean Chinese with no religion, but I personally view myself as being born on Earth, and not just one part of it.

My strongest academic asset is English, which I occasionally put to use in writing (lots of) garbage. My other hobbies are walking, sleeping, thinking and hypochondria.

My favourite food is anything except liver, in general.

The life I lead is a fairly simple and peaceful one, not to mention extremely boring (to other people), so there's little worth touching on.
"The Burninator is an enigmatic weapon. Apparently forged in the medieval ages by a wizard who loved fireballs, the Burninator is regarded in legend as the ultimate fusion between arcane combustion and napalm technology."
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