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Default Re: Halloween Horror

I think we should have our Halloween Horror ideology somewhere in the middle.
I think celebrating the dead here at Hamumu may not be good. But then again, putting all our ideas to warding off the dead, may be bad too.
So yeah, somewhere in the middle.
But I think we should have more serious names. The reason why I've been reading the fora for years, and not secretly participating in any of these contests, such as SS,WW,HH, is because some of the names really off-put me.
Why don't we experiment a bit. Why not put in the rules of a few HH contests, "Your names must be somewhat clever (and or take) meaningful."
Maybe we may get more participation. I talked to some of my friends at school. And I got them to read some news from HH contests, 4/7 of them said, the names off-put them.
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