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Default Re: Halloween Horror

Originally Posted by Hammered View Post
Look ! Over here! there's something that isn't getting enough participation! Let's try making it less fun, while simultaneously implementing serious concepts in a cartoon game with cartoon monsters. Yes! Brilliant idea! Finally a way that will completely kill the site! Brilliant! (NOT!)
Originally Posted by ChessManiac View Post
Well you're really in a fiesty mood today. But this is just an opinion poll. Since you're the holder of these contests, you can choose whether to take ideas or just have it as it is. And with the new feature of the JSP input, we can move beyond using the same sprites over and over again. I would like to think of Supreme as a more modern MegaZuex game.

But everyone has their own opinions, and I'll still keep my opinion.
I somehow missed that response when it was originally posted, but sense it completely misrepresents the situation, I thought I would clarify it.

When Jamul became too busy to run these little contests, various other Hamumians took over running them. For some time, this continued to work, but participation slowly dwindled without Jamul's active input. Eventually new people would come in and sometimes one of them would try to do the kickoff. As the original site mod, I noticed these efforts, and if I saw someone making a serious mistake with the timing or the rules, I would correct them via PMs. If too much time went by before someone else started them, I would start them, since I knew the rules and had more than enough YB from DumbWords and T.A.G. to pay for the prizes. As you can see, I am not "the holder of these contests" but someone trying to keep the train from going off the tracks.
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