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Yerfdog Happyponygate Weapon Mini-Contest!

I am looking at my weapon list in Happyponygate, and I've broken it into certain categories, based on what type of damage they do. You know, like in an RPG you might have Fire damage, Lightning damage, and Acid damage maybe. I have 5 other types of damage I am not going to tell you about just yet.

I ended up deciding I didn't like one of the categories at all, so I shuffled things around, and now there are only 4 categories of weapon instead of 5. But that actually means I need more weapons! Previously there were 2 weapons of each type, and now there are 3. So that means 2 new weapons (actually more than that, because I also dropped a couple weapons I didn't like). But I've figured out all the weapons and I'm quite happy with them... except for one. I have one blank weapon slot.

So here is your challenge:

1 - Post an idea in this thread for a weapon for Bouapha to use in Happyponygate.

2 - The weapon must inflict CHOCO DAMAGE. (That's short for chocolate, in case you had any doubt)

3 - If your weapon inspires me the most, it will go in the game, and you will go in the credits as the weapon designer!

4 - I may just invent my own if nothing is inspirational enough, so be inspiring!

5 - I will definitely have this weapon chosen by Monday, April 14th, so get your entry in before that.

6 - No limit on entries, so post away with whatever you think of. This is kind of a brainstorming session.

7 - It is possible for there to be multiple winners, for example if I like a weapon but prefer the name of another weapon. I may combine entries in that way, and both winners will get credit.

8 - Don't use trademarked names in your name. Firing colorful candy-coated chocolates is fine, but using M&M in the name is not going to be a name I can use!

Tips on weapon design:

- Nothing extremely elaborate, like "it drops a block of chocolate from the sky that folds out into a chocolate robot and you hop in and can shoot guys". I'm looking for a general use weapon that you would be firing constantly, not a super attack you could only use once every 5 minutes.

- Not much of a tip, but I am trying to make the 12 weapons completely distinct, each with their own use and purpose, so it's not just a matter of whether you want red or blue bullets. That means I won't be interested in weapons similar to what I already have. Unfortunately, I must keep the existing weapons secret, so this tip is of no use to you. Still, stay away from the really basic ideas - ordinary machine gun, shotgun, flamethrower, etc. If you have a twist on those, you may be the winner, but doing something more out of the ordinary is more likely to win. I really this kind of leaves you shooting in the dark, so to speak, but a guy's gotta have his secrets.

- All weapons have a chance of getting a critical hit, which means they do extra damage and cause a special effect. The special effect that Choco damage causes is Stickiness, which either (I haven't decided yet, based on having removed a damage type) paralyzes the victim for a short while, or slows them down for a somewhat less short while. This may or may not inspire your weapon design. A couple weapons have super high chances of critical hits and very low damage, making them more for inflicting status effects than for doing damage. So you may be interested in making a gun that has a primary purpose of making enemies Sticky rather than hurting them. Or just go for the more traditional raw damage, with a slim chance of Stickiness. Either is acceptable.

- Don't make it so weird that the player wouldn't know when or where to use it, or it's only effective in one extremely unlikely situation... remember, you want the player to be using this thing regularly! It's definitely okay (and good) if the weapon has a specific niche in which it is useful, like handy for slaying a single large foe, or good at clearing out a crowd of little ones.

- Just because it does Choco damage doesn't mean it needs to actually fling chocolate at your enemies. To make this point I have to sadly give away one of my favorite weapons, but the Cookie Chipper fires huge chocolate chip cookies that embed themselves in enemies and buzzsaw them, flinging out chocolate chips to hit other enemies. So, you can see the Choco connection there, but it is in fact mostly flour doing the actual damage if you think about it. So don't be afraid to get crazy with it. A Nougat Nuke would definitely be legitimate Choco damage. A Caramel Cannon would be fine. Anything strongly related to chocolate will do.

- Also, you don't have to make an alliterative name. Some of the existing ones actually aren't, if you can believe that! Somehow I resisted.

- Don't be afraid to make something like what someone else has already posted. There are only so many different ways to fling chocolate around! Your entry may win because your little twist on the idea might be better than what the other person posted, or maybe you gave it a better name. But of course, don't plagiarize - I'll just pick the person you stole it from instead of you!

- That's about all I can think of. Invent a Choco Weapon!

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Connor S.
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Default Re: Happyponygate Weapon Mini-Contest!

I think its important to remind people about fair trade chocolate, and abut the poor african children picking the cocoa beans neccessary to make these weapons, so here is my idea-

The Fair Trade Flinger!

It Is a weapon that shoots a wave of cocoa beans. The wave gradually gets larger the further out it gets from bouapha, but it does more damage the closer to him it is. so its a question of damage, or area, which makes it useful against many different situations. It has a high critical hit thingy, but does minimal damage. The effect, should it exist, could be two things, depending on which one is easier to implement.

And since we can have more than one entry...


The Easter Bunny Boomer!

It has a slight delay in the time it takes for it to hit, but makes up for it if you can time it right!

Bouapha Points the weapon up at an angle, and fires. A giant easter egg is shot into the air, and, (I know its hard to use depth in a bouapha like game, so it may not be what your looking for, but I decided to include it anyways) it flys over enemies heads for a while. then it lands, and explodes! Chocolate flys everywhere! After that, a bunch of smaller easter eggs start rolling everywhere, and eventually explode as well.

Suggested Time of Use: When there is a large wave of enemies, and there are some pesky ones i the back that like to resurrect other monsters or something, this weapon is useful for penetrating ranks to get to the really bad guys in the back! Otherwise, just fire away!

So whatever suits you!


The Laura Secrusher!

This weapon creates two giant choco-blocks slightly forward, and to the left and right of bouapha, which then crash together! hopefully dealing massive damage. The critical hit rate is low, but the effect would be sticky, as they would be entirely surounded by chocolate...

Suggested Time of use: Mainly good against a single big guy, as it does a lot of damage, but the blocks aren't too far apart, and hence, the range isn't that good. It also gets prety dangerous getting that close, but well worth it.


Molten Chocolate Beam!

It fires a string of really hot and liquid chocolate that sprays out in front of bouapha. The player can hold the fire button down to continuously spray chocolate, even well moving if possible. Ammo depletes at a rate of about one every second. Normal critical hit rate, effect being sticky I guess.

Suggested Time of Use: Definetely good against a large group of small badides, as long as you can move and shoot. The ability to walk and have constant fire ahead of you allows you to virtually walk straight through smaller enemies, of course, ammo isnt unlimited. The other problem is that it does low damage, so using it against a larger enemy isn't the greatest idea. The range is decent though, so it might be possible to snipe a slower enemy from far away.


The BonBon Burrier!

This isnt that realistic of an idea, but its so awsome at the same time!

This weapon has low low ammo- for a good reason. When you press the fire button, bouapha will take a moment charging the weapon up before actually firing, so timing is key or else you will be left vulnerable. Anyways, when he finishes charging, a HUGE ball of chocolate is launched from this gigantic gun, (which by the way, slows bouapha down well hes carrying it) the ball of chocolate is a lot like a roly poly. It rolls until it hits a wall, then bounces of at an angle, unlike a roly poly. after a while, it melts. It has a really high power, so only the toughest enemies will be able to survive it. lesser mortals will be instantly mowed down. For those enemies that DO survive, they may be inflicted by the critical hit, (which is really really low) and become sticky, which is a bonus!

More to come maybe! But thats already 4 or 5 ideas for you to chew on! ... Ok that was bad... but still...

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Default Re: Happyponygate Weapon Mini-Contest!

I must clarify that there are no choices of special effect - Choco damage causes Stickiness, and that's all it does. You can make a weapon that does something else, but that will just be the thing that your weapon does (like a chocolate ice cream gun that freezes enemies), not what it has a chance to do by getting a critical hit. Any time someone is critically hit by Choco damage (player included, by the way!), they get Sticky.
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Connor S.
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Default Re: Happyponygate Weapon Mini-Contest!

Sorry, fixed it. >_>
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Exclamation Re: Happyponygate Weapon Mini-Contest!

Five choco-tastic ideas, in order of favoritude. They're probably too silly to really use, but hey, it's fun to make ideas.

Fudge Flinger
The opposite of the Shotgun. The Fudge Flinger fires a superheated chocolate bullet that inexplicably increases damage with distance! This weapon has a high critical hit chance, since fudge is so sticky. The tactic for a player using a Fudge Flinger is to fire a round of bullets at far-away enemies, run away a bit to reload and gain some distance, and then repeat. An enemy wielding a Fudge Flinger would be a sniper one or a turret type thing, of course.

Wonkatizer 6000
The Wonkatizer fires long-range chocolates that can be controlled by the player after firing. When there's no Wonkatizer bullets existing, the mouse click makes the gun shoot, and later clicks make the bullet re-aim. This lets the player shoot around corners at enemies. It's like that Loonyland 1 badge that lets the player have limited control over bullets. Although I bet there's already some sort of seeking weapon in the game, I still wanted to suggest this!

Dark Chocolate Disrupter
Some weapon should use Dark Chocolate! (Or white chocolate, if you want to fit the general Happy theme more) My idea is the Dark Chocolate Disrupter- It projects a dark matt- I mean, dark chocolate force field around the user while the mouse button is held down. The shield absorbs 50% of incoming damage. Ammo rapidly goes down as this is used, faster when the shield is damaged. Enemies within the shield are damaged heavily, so the idea is that the player turns on the disrupter and charges at enemies. Maybe movement speed could be increased as well from a sugar rush so that this tactic is more useful! This was inspired by a shield in a game I played once called Future Cop where you played as big mechs, and one of the special weapons was a shield that acted similar to this one.

Tricker Treater 2000
This weapon is entirely based around the amazing name, so I don't really care all that much for its attack. This gun fires a semi-slow-moving chocolate ghost bullet that shoots its own very short-range bullets! It obviously has a slow reload rate. The ghost is intangible, so it can pass through enemies (and bullets, too, since the ghost isn't actually a monster), damaging them as it goes. It can't pass through walls.

Tricker Treater 2000, Version 2
Another idea for this weapon name. The gun has a relatively high fire rate (but not as high as a machine gun). With each hit, it uses the powers of the Chocolate Cereal Vampire to steal some health from the monster and give it back to the shooter, so it doubles as a healing weapon.
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Default Re: Happyponygate Weapon Mini-Contest!

Choco Decoy: Low fire rate, but shoots a chocolate decoy that can damage enemies. They will attack the decoy most of the time, but they can still attack you! If you shoot it too far away, it crumbles into the ground and it melts into sticky chocolate mess. Also, if you shoot it against enemies, it still does damage.

Choco-Bar Blaster: Shoots small chocolate bars with high fire rate. Does medium damage, but has a high chance of critical hit/causing sticky effect.

Choco-randomizer 5000: Randomly shoots white or dark chocolate that falls onto the ground. Low damage, but if enemies eat the dark chocolate, they will get damage and they will be inflicted with Sticky status! But if they eat the white chocolate, they will get healed, or they get a sugar rush, which doubles speed and power! But you can eat the chocolates too!

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Default Re: Happyponygate Weapon Mini-Contest!

Chocolate Iscream gun: shoots chocolaty waves to your enemies. Splash dmg maybe?

Chocolate Bar Wrapper Launcher: Use pollution against your enemies by shooting compressed chocolate bar wrapper at them!

Fondue gun: A gun that holds chocolate, heats it up and gushes it at your foes!(like a flame launcher)

Slingshot: This could go with tons of things, but for some reason you prefere launching Coco Nuts at you're foes!(Stun maybe?)

More to come... Maybe?
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Default Re: Happyponygate Weapon Mini-Contest!

CHOCCO-BEAM: Shoots brown deathbeam. ammo very limited.
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Default Re: Happyponygate Weapon Mini-Contest!

Caramel Launcher 5000: Launches giant chocolate chunks with a slow fire rate. But these giant chunks are low in power. Why? Because they are 87% caramel! Does always cause Sticky status. And the puddles of caramel lay on the ground for a very long time.

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Lightbulb Re: Happyponygate Weapon Mini-Contest!

Choco-Popper or Candy Caliber or a much better name -

It uses chocolate-filled, color-coated bits of candy for bullets (they resemble M & Ms or Skittles) and fires them in...duh...machine gun style, although they would move slower then real life so you can actually see where they go. The bullets would be various colors, of course...red, green, orange, etc.

EDIT: okay, peeps already suggested machine guns. S'all good.

10:51 [TyTBone]: A magical potion that brings to life a bunch of mini Oompa Loompas, who encircle enemies while singing their [odd] songs and scare enemies away with their

The Kiss of Death - a slow moving (think Shroom) but deadly creature that RESEMBLES a Hershey's Kiss, who moves really slow but can snuff out enemies on impact...

Easter Buds - Like the bunnies in SwC, only these are chocolate. They have a pistol barrel inserted into their stomach, and they use they're own flesh (bah, chocolate) for the bullets. Eventually, they "use themselves up", and the front section of the pistol falls to the ground.

Chocopult - chocolate + catapult = chocopult!

(I just read the sig, what a throwback)

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Default Re: Happyponygate Weapon Mini-Contest!

Since I'm here...


Weapon Name: Cadblurry

Description: Weapon fires a medium-sized chocolate slug which homes in on the nearest target, doing medium damage. Has a large blast radius on impact which does minor damage to any enemy nearby. Cherry Bomb fire rate.


Weapon Name: Radiochoco / Chocoga

Description: The Radiochoco fires crescent-shaped, short-ranged chocolate projectiles in a radiating fashion away from Bouapha. The damage done by these projectiles is minimal, but they have a limited pierce ability enabling a single projectile to pass through (and damage) several enemies at once. Missile Pack fire rate.


Weapon Name: Mudslasher (thanks, TyTBone) / Schlammer

Description: The Mud Sword generates a sword-like, mud-coloured projectile which extends and swings across Bouapha's front before disintegrating. The damage done by this weapon is beyond comprehension, and anything which survives would probably suffer a critical hit, but it only has an effective range of about 25% of the default screen height (e.g. if the default screen resolution is 800 x 600 pixels, the sword will hit any enemy in front of and no further away than 150 pixels from the centre of Bouapha. The sword's range DOES NOT CHANGE even if the option to switch screen resolutions is available). Fire rate is slightly slower than that of Cherry Bombs.
"The Burninator is an enigmatic weapon. Apparently forged in the medieval ages by a wizard who loved fireballs, the Burninator is regarded in legend as the ultimate fusion between arcane combustion and napalm technology."

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Default Re: Happyponygate Weapon Mini-Contest!

Choco-hot: Molten chocolate. Fires in a laser. Very slow fire rate. Pushes enemies. Large damage.

Choco-cold: Frozen chocolate. Fires frozen chunks of chocolate. Normal fire rate. 1 in 12 chance of knocking an enemy down. Normal Damage.

Chocing: Enemies eat it then choke on it. It takes from 2-5 seconds to cough it up (seconds chosen randomly). Not much damage.
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Default Re: Happyponygate Weapon Mini-Contest!

Choco-Hose: Fires a slow bullet, which explodes when it reaches the target, or collides with something. When it explodes, everything around it becomes sticky, the ground around it acts as mud.
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Default Re: Happyponygate Weapon Mini-Contest!

C4: Lay down a chocolaty explosive by tapping the fire button, and hold it to set them all off.
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Default Re: Happyponygate Weapon Mini-Contest!

1 Did you notice that most weapon names involve the letters choco?
2 Cherry bombs. cherries that you throw and explode. Nuff said.
3 The MOLTEN MALT!!!!!! This weapon is like a flame thrower but with a twist... This fires molten chocolate. (or hopfully other molten candy because chocolate's been used too much) Anyway It does low damage at medium range, but after your done firing, the candy sinks to the ground and freezes!!! Once monsters step onto this, it's so cold they're feet get stuck to the candy!!! This is good in all situations especially if your low on ammo/life because you can run away without having to fend off hordes of monsters. Good for emergencies. Have you seen the licorice whip?
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Default Re: Happyponygate Weapon Mini-Contest!

Choco Grenade
The idea isn't totally original, and I don't know if it's been said, but it HAS to be be in there. It's like a grenade launcher, like one of those bomb launchers in Ratchet and Clank 3, where the target aim moves along the ground. And yeah, it shoots a big chocolate glob, and it splatters.

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Default Re: Happyponygate Weapon Mini-Contest!

Wells 2000
The Wells 2000 utilizes mysterious Martian Bars candy to fire a beam of choco-tastic radioactivity. The radioactivity alters the DNA (Delicious-Nucleic Acid) of a target. It acts pretty similar to Ratchet and Clank's Morph-o-Ray, but it turns the victims into explosive easter bunnies that attack their former friends.

Truffle Translator
This weapon translates human language into chocolate language so that the player can speak the language of nearby chocolates and bring them to his or her aid! When this weapon is equipped, it will deploy three chocolates which levitate around the player and shoot where the player is pointing the mouse. This weapon acts similarly to the drones in XOP. Each chocolate buddy has an amount of ammo that increases as the weapon is leveled up. When the player is harmed, a chocolate buddy will explode in a burst of chocolate. When buddies run out of ammo, they'll run at the nearest enemy to try and suicide-bomb it.
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Default Re: Happyponygate Weapon Mini-Contest!

The Chocohook

A gun that fires chocolate hooks at enemies. If you hit an enemie, it ties a string between you and them allowing you to keep them close to each other. Hitting a second enemie will get the 2 to crash. Also, you could hit posts with it to drag you across water.


Fires liquid fondue at enemies that has a high critical hit rate. It would be cool if it had realistic physics engine to flow around walls and send enemies flying as if it was water.

Egg Launcher

This gun is modeled after a chicken. It is similar to the hammers from Sleepless hollow, except it increases damage instead of number of shots. It has slight AOE.

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Yerfdog Re: Happyponygate Weapon Mini-Contest!

Since today is the last day of the contest, I want to get two more weapons in.

Truffle Translator, Version 2
This weapons deploys a single Truffle, which is a little chocolate with a face on it and a gun. Every time a Truffle dies, a new one is instantly created when this weapon is re-equipped. The Truffle walks wherever the player left-clicks and automatically shoots at badguys when it stands still. The more enemies a Truffle manages to kill, the more damage it does, so players will want to protect their Truffles (possibly by using themselves as a distraction for enemy attacks).

White Baron Controller
The White Baron is a remote control plane made from white chocolate. When this weapon is equipped, it will deploy the White Baron. The White Baron will constantly fly at the mouse cursor, slashing through enemies as it goes. The farther it goes without turning, the more damage it does, so it is a good idea to have the plane do long slashes through crowds of enemies rather than just fly in circles through them. The White Baron cannot actually be attacked, but if the player lets it fly into a tree or a wall or something else impassible, it will asplode (possibly in a big chocolatey kamikaze explosion! ) and a new one will be deployed. Going too far away from your White Baron will cause it to teleport back to you. The White Baron does more damage the longer that it stays alive, so just flying all your White Barons into walls isn't very effective.
T&T- New Region!

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Default Re: Happyponygate Weapon Mini-Contest!

I wwill stick in afew more throughout the day...

I will edit this post.

Molten Milk Ball:
(Not sure if that name violates any rules...)

A ball of chocolate, you throw it and wwhen it hits, really hot milk flies everywhere in a big splash.

If it's special powerr is used, the ball melts in the middle of flight and flies everywhetre in a milky/chocolatey gooey mess.

The Orb:

You dip a buble blower in a pot of hot chocolate and blo up bubbles made of chocolate.

The longer you hold it, the bigger the bubble.

Once you release the bubbles fall to the ground and begin rolling around.

If the bubble is bigger than the enemy, it engulfs them and implodes onto them.
If a big bubble hits a small enough enemy, it just absorbs them, no implosion. But if it hits afew little creature, then it will Implode.

3 Stratedgies for it:
1. Shoot off tons of tiny bubbles: Good for big masses of enemies, rapid fire, little damage but they slow down the enemy abit
2. Medium bubbles: Good for taking out afew enemies, these will be able to engulf the smaller creatures, but only one.
3. Huge bubbles: Great for big, far off masses of enemies, or one big foe. It takes a good chunk of time to make but when it gets rolling, it can engulf almost any size enemy or wipe out a troop of little guys.

Choco Copter: Choco-Chopper:
Summon up some help.

Version 1:
Boupha pulls out a radio and calls in a small Heli-Copter.

It flies around you and shoots small barrage of candy coated chocolates at the enemies.

If it gets close enough or is about to die, it can dive down and crash into the enemy in a suicidal explosion of molten chocolate.

Version 2:
Boupha pulls out a remote control and a small remote controlled heli copter.

Boupha can't move now.

Instead, you control the chopper.

It fires small candy coated chocolate and again, you can suicide bomb it, which causes a great deal of damage.

Caramel Conductor:
Boupha pulls out an oversized wand.

He tosses a glob of Caramel over a monsters head and it starts walking around fighting your enemies.
The monster will continue to walk around fighting until it dies or Bouapha puts the wand away.

While it is walking around, you must keep the wwand out, so you are almost defenceles.
EXCEPT for the wand itself, with it's large size it makes for a good club.

Fudge Swirl Land Mines:
It's a landmine about the size of Bouapha's head. It is made out of a fudge/caramel swirl.

If an enemy steps on it, they get stuck to it and a red light on it begins to flash.
(Note: If it is a big enemy, it won't get stuck)

Then about five-ten seconds later, it explodes! It sends little chuncks of fudge and caramel everywhere.
If a monster gets hit by a chunk, they get slightly slower and get damaged depending on how close they were to the explosion.

If this can level up: When it levevls up, some of the chunks should that fly off should have some explosive properties still, as you level it up more, more and more of the pieces will begin to fly out and more and more will begin to explode when they hit enemies instead of just sticking to them and doing alittle damage.

More ideas are on the way... Maybe... Probably not, but maybe...
Eh. Have some smilies I guess.

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Happyponygate Collector's Contest! Jamul Adventures Of Bouapha 48 07-03-2008 02:45 PM
Metroid: Fighters weapon mini-contest! varkarrus Total Mayhem 5 05-12-2008 10:15 AM
Happyponygate Monster Mini-Contest! Jamul Adventures Of Bouapha 150 05-02-2008 05:24 PM

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