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Not Evil, Just British
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Default Those Drugs

Since GB is the ontopic place, I'm pulling this out of the 'Life Story' thread.

So Pumpkineater is like 'when they legalize the green stuff, imma smoking it'.

And boneheads is like 'you sound like a drug dealer!'

And I'm like 'you have books! Why substance abuse?'

So let's try and collect all the drug arguing into one thread.
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King of the Boneheads
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Default Re: Those Drugs

oman oman oman

This is gonna be a pretty big fight over how PUMPKINEATER'S WRONG.

PE, Just like MD said,

I won't stop you from ruining your entire life by taking the green stuff, and you really shouldn't do it. You're like 16 years old, and no matter what age, getting high is Stupid and Idiotic.
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The Demagogue
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Default Re: Those Drugs

^ For the above comment, that's my argument for legalization.

I feel, for substances that harm no one but the user, it should be up to said user, not the government of the law, whether they can use it. On a related note, because of it's adverse effects on people outside it's user, cigarettes should be banned.
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.Blue Dwarf.
King of the Shrooms
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Default Re: Those Drugs

Don't we already have big problems with drinking and driving?
I'm not seeing how these kinds of things only affect the user. Especially smoking things, when they get dispersed through the air for everyone to breathe.

Either way, I'm not sure this topic is really appropriate for these forums...
Eh. Have some smilies I guess.
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Peanut Gallery
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Default Re: Those Drugs

Is this really Hamumu appropriate?

Drugs destroy your brain which causes you to do stupid/bad stuff. It also makes you very revolting to sober people. Personnally, I think the green stuff should be banned altogether. Why use drugs when - like Hypreme said - you can find tons of other ways to have fun! And why drink alcohol when things like Pepsi and Coke taste good too?
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Chaos sold separately.
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Default Re: Those Drugs

One little problem with banning substances: America is a free country. However, nowhere in the Constitution does it say that the government can tell us that we can't use a certain substance. Even if a certain drug is deadly to you, deciding to use that drug is your own choice. There is a certain point were you can argue that drugs that affect bystanders should be illegal--cigarettes, for example, whose secondhand smoke is MORE deadly than the actual cigarette.

As far as banning alcohol goes, it's too prominent in our society to ban it completely. Look at the 18th amendment. Prohibition didn't work then, and it definitely won't work now.

Which brings me to another point--the people who want drugs bad enough WILL find a way to get them. Plenty of people use illegal drugs today despite the fact that they're illegal! When you outlaw a drug, alcohol for example, people will try to brew their own, which usually ends up being MORE dangerous for them than alcohol which has been regulated by Food and Drug administration. On top of that, people will end up drinking more since alcohol is illegal no matter how much they drink. When alcohol is legal and regulated, on the other hand, the need to brew alcoholic drinks is removed, and the Food/Drug administration is able to have some control on the danger level of the product being sold.

If ALL drugs, including alcohol, are banned in the US, then more people will end up turning to more dangerous ways to obtain these drugs. The drugs themselves would also be more dangerous without the government regulating the products. A ban on all substances would ultimately end up resulting in MORE danger to drug users. On top of that, it can also prevent us from using drugs for legitimate medical uses. Should ALL drugs be made legal? I personally don't think so. A fair number of illegal substances have no good uses, and I don't think that many people would complain if they were outlawed. However, drugs already accepted by society, i.e. alcohol, should be legal. Cigarettes are on the fence. I think they should be illegal due to secondhand smoke, but they're also too ingrained in society to make a ban that effective.

/wall of text.

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The Demagogue
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Default Re: Those Drugs

I also feel I should clarify. Though I'm pro-legalization, I'm anti-use. I just think if you WANT to take it, it should be your decision.
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Evil, random-voting vegetable
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Default Re: Those Drugs

Originally Posted by Pewskeepski View Post
Drugs destroy your brain which causes you to do stupid/bad stuff.
Dr. Sagan would disagree with you.
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Secretly Dr. Lunatic
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Default Re: Those Drugs

I agree that drugs are bad for your health, but I will argue the point that it will actually improve the situation if it were made legal. Part of the problem behind it is the fact that it is illegal, therefore instead of money going to the government(like cigarettes and beer which there are huge taxes on) It gives money to the criminal organisations that ship the stuff in. You could also regulate it better than you can now, now if you get caught with it your doomed no matter what, if you legalized it you could say "just dont do this or this or this" with it and people would be happy with the compromise.
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