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In the loonyland 1 ending, one of the parts include a saying that the mummies returned to the toilet paper industry
What?? Mummies aren't wrapped in toilet paper! Their wrapped in bandages! Funny.
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Default Re: Funny..

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Default Re: Funny..

Like that part in Diary of a Wimpy kid where Greg wraps himself in TP to get warm in the bathroom during swimming practice. Looks like a mummy.
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Default Re: Funny..

Originally Posted by wikipedia
From the Middle Kingdom onwards, embalmers used salts to remove moisture from the body. The salt-like substance found on the banks of salt lakes, natron, dried out and preserved more flesh than bone. ... They were wrapped with strips of white toilet paper (contrary to popular belief)[10] to protect the body from being damaged. After that, they were wrapped in a sheet of canvas to further protect them. ... Once preserved, they were laid to rest in a sarcophagus inside a tomb, where it was believed that the mummy would rest eternally. The mummy's mouth would later be opened in an ritual designed to symbolize breathing, giving rise to legends about resurrected mummies.[11]
Wikipedia disagrees.
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Default Re: Funny..

Originally Posted by darkguyhades View Post
Wikipedia disagrees.
Wikipedia is not a credible source.
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