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.Blue Dwarf.
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Default Bring Horrifying Entertainment

This is a pseudo-BHE event! Wow!

There will be no prizes... Or maybe there will be some yerfbucks for whoever suggests the best game (as rated by us dumb folks!)

Suggest a horror game that we can play. Preferably free, or having a free demo at least. Though all games are welcome.

Pseudo-Rules: You would be well advised to follow these!
1. Keep suggestions Hamumu Appropriate. Blood and guts are fine, cursing and sex less so!
That includes linking to Hamumu-inappropriate websites. If your game can't be accessed any other way, perhaps just give a name and a warning about the site.
2. All entries must be in before October 24th, when a poll might be put up to see what the dumb folk thought was best/most scary.
3. Ummm... More pseudo-rules to come? I wasn't going to make this official, but it seemed to good to lay the groundwork for it to be. And make sure no one gets in trouble by posting inappropriate content.
Eh. Have some smilies I guess.
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Question the trends!
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Default Re: Bring Horrifying Entertainment

Ao Oni

It's a Japanese game which you can get in Italian, English and other various languages. It's a really scary puzzler.

WARNING: This game is has a bit of gore in it. Gore Level: 3/10

The Upshot of it is a few students decide to enter an abandoned mansion on the outskirts of town because they want to see if the rumor is correct or not about it having a "monster" lurking inside. Well it turns out, the rumor was right.

MY RATING: 8/10 Plate Shards
Download Link: http://www.moddb.com/games/ao-oni/do...i-v623-english

RTP Package: This may be downloaded and installed for the game to work:

I won't tell you anything else about this game because it'll spoil the fun and excitement. But if you get stuck you can PM me for help.

And to kick it off with a fan game: http://nira-oni.tumblr.com/ (Nira Oni)

Nira Oni is a fan made game, this game is set several years later after their
escape from that horrid mansion in Ao Oni.
SPOILER below, open at your own risk!
Only Hiroshi escaped the mansion, the rest died

UPSHOT: The four students plus two new characters decide once again to check out an abandoned hospital rumored to have a demon walking about. It's like they didn't learn their lesson from the first encounter! Anyway, they enter, Takeshi or whatever his name is faints, the find the doors have locked suddenly, can't open the door, Hiroshi must get some water for that fainted dude, when Hiroshi comes back with water the group is gone. SCARINESS STARTS!

MY RATING: 9/10 Hospital Beds

This game is really scary, it's scarier then the original. I would suggest this if you want a much more scarier puzzler to play at night. Though it sags a bit at certain points where you don't have a clue what to do!

Level Of Gore: 5/10 ; Not for the faint of heart

Level Of Swearing: 4/10
DOWNLOAD Link: http://nira-oni.tumblr.com/
All sites are safe. Though the Nira Oni blog site has a few sexual references. So becareful about that. Also, all the games for Windows only. There is a way to get around that if you have Linux, WINE. For Mac, I'm not quite sure...

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Insert some Random Title here.
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Default Re: Bring Horrifying Entertainment

Outpost 41

A fan-made knockoff of the ALIENS game, but in a totally different setting. Windows only, sadly.

You have a squad of four crew members, Jenkins, Brock, Cavanaugh and Morris. The objective is to collect all the paintings made by the aliens (why these scary creatures are also artists, I do not know...) and return them to the top floor of the station, where your ship is. They are scattered around the outpost, and are guarded by aliens, which you have to kill. Other, unexpected stuff happens here too, so you have to be really careful!

Almost none of gore however, unless you count that of the aliens!

My Rating: 7/10 Elevator Repair Kits
Screenies: (click for full size)

Download is here: http://derbian.webs.com/outpost41/index.htm (Site is safe as far as I'm concerned.)

The Random Signature 2.0, now with 8% more POOTIS!
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Question the trends!
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Default Re: Bring Horrifying Entertainment

My sister suggested this:


UPSHOT: You are a physicist, both you're parents are dead, you're 30 years old. You have an okay life. BUT... you start receiving this letters from your supposedly dead father. They seem to talk about a place in Greenland. So you go there, ignore the fisherman's advice to wait a little longer for the blizzard to pass, get hyperthermia, find an abandoned emergency exit hatch, open it, enter, ladder breaks, scariness starts! Ladders breaking suddenly ensure...

This game requires you to really think in some places, you can't just go running around aimlessly trying to find a result. But if you're really stuck there are always some walkthroughs to help you.

This is a 3D horror in 1st person prespective game. It's really scary with eerie music and I'd say it's worth your $10 bucks.

Check out the trailer: http://wombat.platymuus.com/ytembed/?code=uPwQxF99eMk


Download Demo: http://www.penumbragame.com/demo.php

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N64 Lord
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Default Re: Bring Horrifying Entertainment

I suggest System shock 2.
It's definitely got gore and psychological scares, but I feel that the setting and the story line make it worth it.
Read: enemies will beg you to put them out of their misery as they attack you.
The blood is more of a "finding corpses and realizing that you're alone" rather than exploding body parts, so its manageable. Those ruin my disbelief anyway.
Like a lot of 2000 games, it doesn't hold the player's hand very much, and initialing learning how to juggle your resources can be frustrating, so its not for everyone.

It's available from Steam and GoG for the $9.99

You can get the reasonably updated System Shock 1 FREE if your dosbox is up for it.
It's not nearly as complex, but its still got a believable atmosphere and story.

If you're not sure about whether it's good or not, just think of it as a "poor man's Bioshock"
We'll talk after you prove I'm here.

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Default Re: Bring Horrifying Entertainment

Home is a unique horror adventure set in a beautifully-realized pixel world. It’s a murder mystery with a twist—because you decide what ultimately happens. Awakened by an oncoming storm, you open your eyes to discover yourself in a strange, dark room—tucked away in a house that’s not yours. As you play the game, it changes—subtly, almost imperceptibly—to reflect your perspective. It's a horror game unlike any other, and as you'll discover, its truths are entirely subjective.
Home is 3 dollars on Steam and is a pretty interesting horror/mystery sort of game. I've played through it a few times and it's new and interesting every time.
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