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Default Minetest


I find this cool game, it's written in C, which means we don't have to worry about the Java virus running through our systems, it's open-source, it's completely free of charge, it's easy to run mods, and many other awesome things.

I think MineTest may be the best alternative to Minecraft.

The only problem is, it doesn't have all those cool new features which Minecraft has by default. But if we believe the Linux Magazine's that it is still under serious development, then I guess an Update should be coming soon in a week or a month.

So anyway, Minetest is a really nice game for people who don't want to pay a cent, there is a whole forum of mod threads, and much more.
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Default Re: Minetest

Oh no not the Java Virus!


Actually I don't think I've ever heard of a virus coded in Java. It probably wouldn't be that effective, even with the cross-platform element, since Java is fairly easy to decompile.

Unless you're saying Java itself is a virus, which is just kind of silly.

Anyhow, as the for the game, eh. It's Minecraft with less features. I mean it's free, but I already have Minecraft.
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Default Re: Minetest

I think what he meant to say was "vulnerabilities" in programs which use Java and connect to the internet.

Anyway, I just wanted to see whether there is anyone playing Minetest over here. Just recently I have discovered a very good server on Minetest called Xanadu, with good moderators, and good land to settle on. My sister and I have been there for a while now and so far we can say that while Minetest is lacking in features and a bit slow at times, it certainly seems like the best free alternative out there.

But anyway, back to my main point, I'm wondering whether anyone would like to play with us on our island share of land?
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Default Re: Minetest

A few daily pictures from my sister's and my favourite server in Minetest.

Underground Tunnel For Fast Travelling...

Community Made Buildings Off The Beaten Track...

Our Extremely Fortified Island...

Our House In The Extremely Fortified Island, Less Features But More Aesthetic Quality...
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Default Re: Minetest

I dont get it I downloaded the game but it came in a zip file, How do I play it?

And also Reactor I would love to be able to get on the server!
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Default Re: Minetest

Originally Posted by FlatOutLie View Post
I dont get it I downloaded the game but it came in a zip file, How do I play it?

And also Reactor I would love to be able to get on the server!
You unzip it, go to the Bin folder, and you should see a .exe.

The server I am playing on is called Xanadu. But it can be rather laggy when there is a huge influx of players. ~_~

Here is some info on getting started and also some more text in this post on that.
= = = = = = = = = =

The crafting and smelting is basically the same as in Minecraft, except there can be some deviations.

Lets take a look at your crafting window. When you open your inventory, you will see a 9x9 crafting window, no need for a crafting table there. But, do you notice the button "Back?" When you click "Back" you are presented with an array of other options to choose, I think they should be fairly easy to figure out.

Mining blocks takes less time, but you have to be prepared with some resources to make picks, because if you are deep down in a mine, and your last pickaxe breaks, you can't mine anything with your hand like you could in Minecraft.

With running, you must have boots for that. Different materials give different running speeds, Crystal gives you the most speed. Boots are considered armour, and I think having a look at your extra options in your inventory window should tell you where they go.

To protect your land from griefers, if you are really worried, you can create these objects called Protection Blocks, though they protect only a limited amount of area, and it can be painful giving access to your friends if you have several of them. Thus you will need to make them accessible just in case you want to add anyone. Punching it shows the area it has locked, right clicking it shows who has access. People can break through any protected walls at first, but depending on the response time, it will usually close up. This can be a weak point and thus, if you have protection only on the edges of your area, you should invest in double fortification, and walls atleast six blocks high. Avoid using dirt, cobblestone is the next easy thing to get, and better yet, use Obsidian.

In order to teleport back home by command, you must be stationary and not moving slowly through any liquid. It is really suggested that no matter what, you avoid lava at all costs.

You can make several types of chests, Locked Chests can only be opened by the person who placed them, Shared Chests (Inorder to work they must be placed in protected areas) can be accessed by people who have access to a certain protection block which influence is covering it. And there are just the plain chests, which can be accessed by anyone, whether or not protected.

But you must keep in mind that anything within an influence of protection can't be broken by players who don't have access to certain blocks.

Growing crops or anything is the same as in Minecraft.

You also have "Protected Doors".

Also, another very useful chest is called a "Barter Shop", when right clicked this chest presents you with options of what you want to sell and at what price. Of course like the Shared Chest, it has to be protected otherwise people can steal it.

In the server Xanadu, you will find a lot of these buildings with Barter Chests selling various goods for certain prices, the currency there is Mese crystals.

The underground is organized into several levels, there is the Red, Cyan, and I forgot the other one.

Each level has a certain rarity of ores, Red has more Coal, Iron Lumps, Copper, and Gold. The deeper Cyan has more Mese, Diamond, and so forth.

The Monsters are really tough buggers. And some take away a lot of health. They spawn in darkness, and at night. They have more scarier vibes than in Minecraft, and can chase you relentlessly no matter where you go.

For hunger, different foods have different lengths of time in which they can keep you full. The more dense it is, such as Pumpkin Pie, the longer it takes for your hunger to go down.

The rest should be moderately easy to figure out. If you have any more questions, feel free to ask.

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