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Pinkie Pirate!
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Default Its true, dont ya know?

"They always come back" - every Hamumian ever. Felt like some intellectual talk or whatever. How is everyone? Whos still here? Whats gone on in the last whee while?
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Question the trends!
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Default Re: Its true, dont ya know?

Well I have been here for a while, currently completely stopped world development, because it takes like forever for any world to be tested, but if you're interested in testing my current finished worlds, you can.

In the fora I am having an on going debate about Libertarianism, and a deeper meaning into games.
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King of the Boneheads
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Default Re: Its true, dont ya know?

I'm still here. I mainly just argue with reactor about libertarianism, and host the Build The Galaxy 4.0 RPG game.
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N64 Lord
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Default Re: Its true, dont ya know?

I don't really fit in on general forums, because my interests are specialized. (aggregate reviewer, history of film with a focus on the first 15 years, developing my film pilots and related memoribilla, specific classic literature)

I'm trying to get more involved as summer apporaches, especially since I plan to buy LoonyLand and LoonyLand 2 after my computer problems are over. Over half my time here is still spent cruising through the old journal pages and their comments.
We'll talk after you prove I'm here.
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The Demagogue
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Default Re: Its true, dont ya know?

I still come here regularly, even though I rarely post anything anymore...
Back to the roots: Lets put the Hamumu back into Hamumu Forums!
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Thumbs up

Yup, I'm still here. I find playing Dumbwords daily helps remind me to check the slow paced forums.

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