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N64 Lord
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Default I wish I had a camera then! moments

Please share anything.

I saw two deer at once while hiking yesterday, they ran away, but one of them had to get really close to us to do so.

The event that inspired me to make this thread happened like 5 minutes ago. I was in the room at the same time a lightbulb burned out! It was amazing.

It started flickering like a strobe light, and then it looked like it was going to burst out of flame, getting brighter and brighter. There was a little glass tinkling noise, and it dislodged itself. Then I watched it as it slowly cooled back down, traveling through the usual colors, plus an ugly brown one.
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Peanut Gallery
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Default Re: I wish I had a camera then! moments

Driving somewhere right when the sun is first rising at a time in the year where there's snow covering the ground. The yellow and orange color glistening off is extremely beautiful
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Question the trends!
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Default Re: I wish I had a camera then! moments

I saw a few wood peckers flying behind some palm tree, I tired to run as fast as I could to get my camera, but they were gone.
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