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Default Ponies = Replicators

I think it's time we face an important revelation. The so-called 'ponies' people are obsessed with are clearing something far worse.

Now, ponies don't have hands. Or talons. Or any kind of limb which can be used for grasping. Which raises an important question: how exactly do these technicolour equines create and use tools? A hoof cannot grasp, nor pinch, or even poke effectively. Yet somehow these ponies have created an entire civilization, yet their tools are clearly made for creates that have hands.

Furthermore, there exists two sub-species of pony, the winged pegasi and the arcane unicorn. These both have their own problems. To begin with, the pegasi's wings cannot possibly lift a being the size of a pony without assistance. Ponies claim that this achieved using magic. They also claim that unicorns use magic. But consider Clark's Third Law:

"Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic"

Advance technology of various kinds can explain all pony 'magic'. From anti-gravity generators to weather manipulators, you can recreated this so called magic as you please.

Now who, or what, is constantly seeking advanced technology? Replicators. Clearly, P0N-135 is some kind of 'Ponyform Replicator' colony. While their exact purpose in this form is unknown, is can be assumed they will become hostile upon detecting new technology.

Obviously, the potential benefits of acquiring the technology on P0N-135 are high, however any attempt to do so could lead to the Replicators learning to use the Stargate system (they currently do not know how), which could lead to them acquiring ships capable of interstellar travel.

Until such time as the beings on P0N-135 are confirmed to be safe, travel via gate to the planet should be forbidden.
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Default Re: Ponies = Replicators

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Default Re: Ponies = Replicators

Vacation rescheduled.
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Default Re: Ponies = Replicators

Some ponies heads have horns. Some ponies have wings. Might it be plausible that the ponies horns, and wings, Contain brains of their own. And might it be plausible that pony brains are psychic. That explains the sonic rainboom.

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