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Default Re: Christmas Mafia!

I want to say that I thought the mason-mafia was a really nifty idea...

BUT it completely and totally and utterly and massively broke the game. The mafia couldn't possibly lose! The problem is manifold:

1. Hammered was beyond suspicion as the other pengulons would always vouch for her
2. She knew everything the other pengulons knew, so she got tons of insight into townie info.
3. She had very good control over the votes of the rest of the pengulons, because they had no possible way to ever suspect her.

These elements combined meant the mafia members all had protection from an extra 2 votes beyond their numbers (since Hammered would work to convince the pengulons not to vote for them), and they had an extra two votes in their favor during lynching time. In a way, the mafia had a majority for the last half of the game! And of course seeing a block of 3 townies convinced of something is pretty much going to sway the rest every time, especially later in the game where their masonness was fairly proven to the public.

The problem is, it turns the entire mason concept into a purely (and hugely) negative thing for the town, when normally it is a very positive one. I think such an insanely powerful role would only work fairly if the townies had maybe 5 or 6 more members, a huge numerical advantage.

It could be different in future games, now that people know not to trust fellow masons, but not knowing that that was a possibility really made the town crazily vulnerable. It's the opposite of the last game where having two invincible townies meant there was no possible way for the town to lose (Stan Glass just had to remember not to vote, and by doing so the Mucho Moss couldn't ever be killed either).

The lesson I find in all of this: Keep it simple! We haven't yet experienced what an actual normal game of Mafia is like, and it could be very intriguing.
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Default Re: Christmas Mafia!

But PS - I'm just saying that was a design error. I think talking about the 'design' is important for future games (and it certainly helped me see some things if I ever make an online mafia thing). Thank you, PK, for running the game and putting in all the fun stuff and poems and making it interesting!
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Yerfdog Re: Christmas Mafia!

*Boycotts PK's Mafia Games and puts PK as a not-very-flattering role in my WW5*
T&T- New Region!
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Default Re: Christmas Mafia!

Thanks, Jamul! Also thanks for not going RARARAR like somebody else. I'll keep that in mind next time - though I did try to hint at it!

Nothing really normal in mafia!
Happy Ice Cream Land 2 - Coming to an add-on page near you!
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Default Re: Christmas Mafia!

*wakes from the dead*

Well, this is bittersweet. The game is over, my team lost, but the next game starts! YAY!
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eats people.
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Default Re: Christmas Mafia!

Oooh yeah, victory!
No bueno.
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Default Re: Christmas Mafia!

Now that this game has ended, does anyone want to join mine? It will close at 20:00 GMT
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Default Re: Christmas Mafia!

I can't believe Hammered tricked me,
She had managed to make me believe,
That CG was the bad guy,
But all along she was the spy.
Remember, if you ever need any help, or have any queries or concerns, feel free to ask! You can PM or e-mail me.
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