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Aperture Science Test Subject
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Talking H*R rap song.

First of all, if you dont know about www.homestarrunner.com , u should check it out, it is the best online flash cartoon. Happystickman and i became friends because of it.

anyway. LOL. Peacy P and Coach Z.
im glad they made a new PBTC cartton and this was hilarious.
my favorite is the part with tenerance love!

♫My name is Tenerrance Love, plus my name is Tenerrance Love, devided by my name is Tenerrance Love, equals my name is Tenaaaaay-rence Love, remainder 3.

im going to put that on the board of my Honers Geometry class tomorrow!]

Happystickman i expect you to reply!

Spy sappin' mah Pancakes!!
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Nailed It!
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Default Re: H*R rap song.

I am sure we are all looking forward to seeing this post in Total Mayhem where it belongs.
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