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Default Devestation RPG

Random RPG i decided to make

The world was once a peacefull place, of happiness and joy. But one day (ALWAYS), A giant meteor fell to earth. On the day it struck earth, it completly obliterated the planet - Tsunami's struck on every side of the globe, Earthquakes rocked the planet, and millions of innocent people were eradicated. The crater which was left emited an evil radiation. The people who aproched it mutated out of destription. (Well, you can describe them, but MEH.) Those who survived the mutation turned into mindless beasts. Apart from 3 people. 3 Heroes who sought to seek the Talisman of Hamumu, the only object that could revearse time, and stop the Meteor from ever hitting earth.

Its basicly a normal RPG, with a cool storyline.

You have to specify this:

Weapon and/or shield(If any):
4 Special Abilities:
1 Ultimate Ability:
Apperance of Mutation(Picture if you want):

Connor S.

Hope you enjoy my RPG.

No more spaces -o_-o

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