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Exclamation Forum Bug

Often, when I am logged in on the forum and want to play DumbWords or get on the chat, It says I'm not logged in, and when I click the link that says "Log in", It takes me to the forum and says I'm already logged in. I then have to log out, then log in again before it will let me play DumbWords. Anyone else have this problem?
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Default Re: Forum Bug

It happens if you log in after the "you are not logged in" thingy pops up when you click the Reply, Quote or New Thread instead of logging in via the box in the upper right corner.

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Default Re: Forum Bug

That's a cookie issue. You may just have to refresh the forum page, or refresh the non-forum page (or maybe even just travel to more than one non-forum page), or change your browser settings so that it allows cookies for Hamumu. It probably does though, if you can access those other pages at all!
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