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Hammer Up!
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Default What's this?

i was looking on the Who's Online page,and i seen a lot of Google Spiders and a lot of Yahoo! Slurp Spiders...What are those spiders?(nearly 12 of each type)

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Default Re: What's this?

They're bots responsible for Hamumu forum posts being listed in search engines :D
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Default Re: What's this?

Amazing! Why are they called that?
Good Memories.

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Ebil Genius
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Default Re: What's this?

Coz they crawl about the web
02-11-2008, 01:47 AM
This message has been deleted by Jamul. Reason: TOTAL spam\
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Lynched Day 3
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Default Re: What's this?

Slurp spider, slurp spider, does whatever a slurp spider can...
Can he post, no he can't- He's a spider

Watch out.. He's Slurp Spider!
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