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Yerfdog Happyponygate Monster Mini-Contest!

It's time for no less than the third Happyponygate contest (even if the first was actually a funtest).

This one is quite simple. First, let me tell you a story:

The Happy Ponies found a way to open a rift between Happy Pony Land and Earth, and they have spilled forth, threatening to brutally enforce happiness and joy on all of Earth's peoples. But of course, the Happy Ponies are only the leaders of this movement. They have minions that work for them, strange and mysterious creatures hauled up from the rainbowiest pits of Happy Pony Land to serve their masters' deviously friendly plots.

These minions include the Marshmallow Soldiers, Teddy Bears (borrowed from LL2), and Gumdrop Guys.

So, your job here is simple. Invent another race/species/type of minion for the Happy Ponies.

1 - Get your entry in before May 1st! The contest closes on May 1st.

2 - All you have to do is come up with a name and description of a type of creature that would work for the Happy Ponies.

3 - No lists of attacks they might use and so on - all creatures in the game will be armed with variations of the weapons you can get. Your monster doesn't have to be able to hold weapons - it may for example be something that spits out chocolate or licorice, or attacks with claws. But regardless, don't tell me how it attacks, because I'll have to be making that up based on many factors like how it is used in the game. Your goal is just to make up the species itself.

4 - A normal, general-purpose creature is your goal, not something that is special like a trap-door spider that pops up and surprises you. Just something that generally fights with the player on a normal field of battle.

5 - Feel free to make either a tiny monster that piles onto the player in hordes, or a giant beast that will need to be faced one to three at a time. Or anything in between. It's your design. But what you are not doing is making up a boss! Just a regular enemy that the player will face many dozens or hundreds of times throughout the city.

6 - You can focus on chocolate, or on sweet stuff, or on cuddly things, or on cute things. But remember that those are the kind of things here, not vicious scary monsters. The Happy Ponies come from a land of joy and gumdrops and strawberry rivers. And by the way, don't make a type of pony. Those are covered! You are making something else that works for the ponies.

7 - No limit on entries!

8 - Do not be afraid to be similar to another entry. Little differences could win it. But don't just totally copy unless you add something different.

9 - You can also just throw in names if you want, but this game might not even show the names of non-boss enemies, so while your name might be the winner, the player may never see it!

10 - I reserve the right to combine one person's name with another person's design, or to even provide my own of either, based loosely on the presented ideas, but at least one person will be a winner, and possibly up to two. Or maybe more if I decide it's worth adding a few species!

11 - Winners will of course have their monster put in the game (as implemented by my own particular visual style...), and they will be in the credits as a Monster Designer.


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