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Yerfdog Happyponygate Internet Contest!

Internet contest!? What's that?

Simple: you come up with a feature/event/thing for the player to do in Happyponygate that involves the internet. You need to bear the following things in mind:

1 - This is a single player game. No idea involving two people directly interacting face to face will ever happen (no multiplayer, no dueling arena, no card game you play against players, etc). Indirect interaction is fine, and kind of the whole point of having an internet connection anyway. Things like an auction house, a bulletin board, a graffiti wall that anyone can spray paint on, etc.

2 - Think simple! REALLY SIMPLE! This is a mammoth project already, I won't select something that adds another month or two to the development. But on the other hand, you don't know exactly what I'll think will be easy to do. You might be surprised. So don't be afraid to throw something out there that seems big too you. I just mention this rule because I don't want people suggesting "A trading card game like Magic: The Gathering, only with more cards!"

3 - This goes along with #1 a bit, but it needs to work well even if your connection is incredibly slow. So nothing 'real time'. It has to be fairly enjoyable and usable if the player will see "Loading..." for 3 seconds whenever it needs to get stuff from the internet.

4 - You've seen my suggestions: trading items, choosing monsters to unleash in other players' worlds, building levels that others can play, online chat. That should both give you some ideas, and let you know what's already been thought up!

5 - Give a whole lot of clear details! A vague thing like "You can trade items with other players" just isn't going to cut it (besides the fact that I came up with it first). Be totally specific and highly detailed about exactly what you're discussing. It could even help you win - I might find something I really like among your details even if the main idea isn't what I am after.

Rule-type things:

1 - Blah blah, I reserve the right to steal everything if I want.
2 - The contest is over on June 14th when results will be announced.
3 - Post your entries right here in this thread.
4 - Even moreso than previous contests, I reserve the right to not have any winner at all. There might be nothing that fits for me and that I can/feel like/want to implement!
5 - If there is a winner, they will get 50YB.
6 - There may be any number of Finalists as well, which get 10YB each. That number may be zero.
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