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Default Re: rant about poor grammar

Originally Posted by TyTBone View Post
For me, it's punctuation. I know I've seen at least a few sentences that have approximately zero periods between them, and (especially coupled with bad spelling) they are a pill to try to figure out.

Bad spelling by itself is can be excusable (IMO ) if one considers the nationality and age of the person writing it.
Originally Posted by TyTBone View Post
We should put guns to everyones heads and force them to switch to Firefox. Its automatic spell check is quite nice.

Because we spend too much time text-ing one another and it becomes a way of life to shorten words as much as possible! (Except for me; I don't have a cell phone.) And what is your beef with America, anyway?
I have Firefox, and that hasn't helped with my grammar. *Ducks from incoming dictionary* On topic, I do like proper grammer and spelling, but I don't think it can be enforced, since this is a site for everyone, and Jamul would lose money if the age was restricted, however, if he did, the members already here would be happier, but he'd lose money, and we'd lose happiness because our great Admin lost money. ...What? Grammar...?
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Default Re: rant about poor grammar

Originally Posted by Wesley View Post
I have Firefox, and that hasn't helped with my grammar.
I specifically meant spelling. I get a red line under any word Firefox doesn't think is spelled quite right.
(I just read the sig, what a throwback)
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