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Question Infectious RPG!

Log Of YW, Post#22, 9/12/2048, 8:17 AM:7 Meteorites, about the size of bowling balls, are heading toward Earth at 1200 MPH. Our atmosphere will not destroy them. They have a virus capable of mutating us.

Log Of YW, Post#23, 9/12/2048, 12:13 AM: The asteroids have hit. I am being mutated. Luckily, I can still talk, my brain has no unusual habits and I learned several things!

Here are the mutating choices(you can do multiple of these!) of the AnimaVirus:
A1: Dragon
A2: Werewolf
A3: Vampire
A4: Hedgehog
A5: Turtle
A6: Perigrine Falcon
A7: Pug
The layout is like this:
MP(Mutation Precentage): (0% to 100%)
Name: No One
MP: A1: 50% A4: 50%
Weapon: Holy Axe
CrazySkill: DigiIt: Summon any video game Character you want.
Name: Yellow Wizard
MP: A1: 10% A2: 10% A3: 10% A4: 5% A5: 5% A6: 10%
Weapon: Mophing Plasma Weapon
CrazySkill: PurePower: Can turn into Gold Wizard for 20 posts.

Have Fun!

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