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Originally Posted by Julian View Post
Wow, it's a pretty good story! Everybody who's saying it's bad should read it all. I stopped at the first part, but came back just now. And it's pretty good.
he was saying it wasnt that good before. but look at him now! if you read it all, there are advantages. one of which is that its quite popular now. another thing is that im going to keep making more and more of it! yet another thing is that there is even a cartoon series (coming soon, VERY SOON, i should have the first episode by today) and a game! (coming soon) so, please read most of it! i admit myself, the first parts arent the best. so, why not give it a try? i mean, not just the first part. at least until the "this story is just getting interesting" part. if you dont like reading, just wait till the cartoon series! if you dont like reading, or dont like watching cartoons, play the game! so... please.... well, you know.
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