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Default I'm Back!


as you may or may not know, I was on vacation for a week. and I just got back today!

so during vacation I did alot of things not worth mentioning, so I'll skip to the news I find the most exciting.

I played Advance Wars: Days of Ruin for the DS. it is a really good game! it there are plenty of story mode levels that you simply CANNOT beat without the tactics button. which I find cool!

I also played and beat Final Fantasy VII (7) Crisis Core. I am playing through it a second time to get all of the things you can't get if you rush through the game without completing certain missions.

and the ONLY hamumu related thing I did during vacation was drawing a small scale layout of one of the key levels in Dotz merge. The drawing includes notes about what each room contains, what color doors there are, the start and exit, a completely separate page with the custom monsters on it, puzzle types, and a layout that might require it being split into two levels.

the level itself will include a hidden room with a secret level located within, two puzzles (one door puzzle, one monster/quiz hybrid), various extra doors to give you the feel that you are in a large base, mini bosses gaurding the keys to the next room, an exit that leads to another level, and a boss fight with downgraded forms of Sei|Dotz, (a robot named Sei (pronounced SEE) who's manufacturer is Dotz), Cau|Dotz, (pronounce SAW) and Alpha.

btw, I need help with alpha. you see, alpha is a character that can change into any living being he wants, but I have no idea on how to incorporate him(it?) into SWC. also he is bluish purple. what would look better? blue, or dark pink?

so...long story short, I'm back.
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Default Re: I'm Back!

Belcome Wack Much!

Become one of us.
Join the revolution.
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Default Re: I'm Back!

lol, thx. the time zone thing is so weird though.

and the entire act of traveling seems to suck the life out of you.
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