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Thumbs up Champions 3!

EDIT: OOPS, I meant to post this in TM. Please move it, Jamul!

The last one ended, so here's another one.

This time, there's a couple new things, mostly to avoid the 10-round Connor pursuit from last game.

1) After half of the initial players are dead, the map will start shrinking at the end of each turn. (so the 10x10 map will become 8x8 one round later, then 6x6, then 4x4, then 2x2, then vanish and kill everybody remaining instantly)
2) Experience! This is to avoid people running away to hide. Every time you kill, or at least deal damage to somebody in the same turn as they die, you get 1 XP. For every XP, you get +1 max HP, +1 current HP, and +1 initial damage with all damaging moves.
3) Rounds are now called 1A/1B, and 2A/2B, as Sillyman suggested last game. 'A' rounds are for moving, 'B' rounds are attacking. Cooldowns go down at the end of every attack round.

Also, there's something similar to the pick-class thing from last game, except this time, you can control everything for your character! (but to an extent, because I'll balance them all afterwards)

Color: Black
Health: 6/6
Speed: 3
Move 1: Touch of Death (+1) (Lunge 2 squares. 3 damage. 1 range.)
Move 2: Entropic Aura (-2) (Anybody within 4 range who attacks user takes 3 damage.)
Move 3: Black Plague (-3) (1 damage. Poison target for 2D/turn for 3 turns. Target spreads poison to whoever he attacks, other than user.)
Move 4: Seal Fate (-3) (Target instantly dies in 4 turns.)
Resource: Mana (Starts with 5/5 mana)

So, yeah, something like that. But keep in mind that after you enter something, I'll be balancing the characters!!! Although, like last game, I'll probably make some mistakes somewhere, I think this will be more interesting than just playing with a character completely made by somebody else.

Rules About Characters:
1) You can't have a character too similar to anybody else's (like, if somebody has a Farmer, you can't have a Peasant)
2) Your class must have only one word in its name, and be some sort of 'job' a human can have (so no 'Orc' or 'Vampire' type classes).
3) Your color, name can't be the same as anybody else's!
4) Resource types are limited to Cooldowns, Mana, and Rage. (Rage being the same as PWNZOR's Energy, Mana being like Energy except you regenerate it over time and start with 5/5, and Cool-Downs being an amount of turns you must wait before using a move again)
EDIT: Or Stock, where each move has a certain amount of uses and updates at the end of every 5th round.
5) Certain types of moves you can't use: Summoning/minion-getting moves, Chaining moves, Teleport or High Speed moves (too scared of hiding people), moves that work after user is dead, moves that hit everybody, or very powerful healing moves. You also can't use a move if somebody else has the exact same thing. Finally, moves with really really really long descriptions can't be used because I won't be able to fit it in the box.
6) No re-hashing older characters from Champions 1 or 2. The entire point of the character-making is to have a set of fun new characters each time.
7) HP must be exactly 6, and characters cannot have more than 6 speed.
8 ) This isn't T&T! Characters don't have passives, so don't try to give your character one. You can make a move that gives your character a temporary effect to get around this, though (like I did with the duel-wielding grater).

Also, this time, there is only a maximum of 8 players, although I can certainly survive with less. In your sign-ups, just clearly say that you're signing up and toss in your character! Sign-ups end 6:00 PM Saturday, or after I get 8 people. Then I'll balance all the characters and make cards for them, and then we can start.

Heros So Far: (5 slots left)
Cheeselord (Salesman)
Julian (Necromancer)
Redbone (Mailman)
SpaceManiac (Character unchosen)
Yellow Wizard (Paladin)
Varkarrus (Noob)
T&T- New Region!

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